Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website. A reflection of our progress and in anticipation of the exciting new things in the works for Heading Home!  Thank you to our generous donors for making this project a reality and to 829llc for their partnership in making this project possible.

The CEO corner will be a place for me to post updates, share exciting new programs, and reflect on relevant current events impacting the housing sector.

For today, I wanted to share a bit about our new logo. The uni-case lettering (mix of upper and lower case) is a reflection of our clients. Heading Home guides clients from infants to the elderly – the lower case to the upper case. The uni-case letter is also a bit messy just like the pathways our clients take to get out of homelessness. The journey often has highs and lows, steps forward and back.  Additionally, the uni-case letters gives the logo a bold, confident, and instantly recognizable style.

The brand mark is a pathway combined with a home to visually communicate the name Heading Home. Our clients are on a pathway to self-sufficiency, a pathway to lead them to a place to call home. Sometimes long, this pathway requires the support and guidance of case managers and partners.

This is where Heading Home comes in.