Economic Mobility Center

Financial education and career development services are vital to achieving stabilization, provided through our Economic Mobility Center (EMC).

Career Development Specialists and Self-Sufficiency Coaches help clients attain an income that will enable them to sustain permanent housing. During the four years since the EMC opened as a full program, it has served roughly 640 families/1300 people.

With a primary focus on increasing savings, reducing debt, securing employment, and increasing earning potential among clients, our EMC program services are successfully positioning homeless families for long term financial stability and self-sufficiency. The EMC courses cover a wide variety of topics, including monthly budgeting, credit history, debt reduction and first-time home ownership. In addition, we offer matched savings accounts and monetary incentives to bolster the financial health of our clients as they achieve key program milestones and goals.

In an effort to eliminate barriers for our clients to attend courses and workshops, we offer free child care to families throughout the year. Our EMC specialists offer meetings at our Heading Home shelters or mutually convenient locations to truly meet families where they are, in an effort to encourage learning and growth.

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