Economic Mobility Services

Financial education and career path development are vital to achieving financial stabilization and housing security, provided through our Economic Mobility Services.

Economic mobility is critical to breaking cycles of homelessness and poverty. Individuals and families experiencing homelessness are financially vulnerable and distressed. Research and studies show many contributing factors to the vulnerable financial status of the homeless population include: trauma history, insufficient education, and employment opportunities, addiction or mental disorders, etc. These factors, when combined with the unpredictable economic climate, the expensive housing market, change in government policy, and now a global health pandemic, leave men and women vulnerable and exposed. Families and individuals struggling to meet their daily needs are the most vulnerable to any crisis that can erupt and cause them to spiral to hardship within minutes.

Heading Home Economic Mobility Service (EMS) is a one-of-a-kind supportive empowerment service for our clients to achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence. Economic Mobility Services specialists are experienced staff who provide one-on-one coaching sessions in financial empowerment and management, budget planning, job search, and career development, etc. Topics in financial management and career development include:

  • basic banking;
  • personal finance and budget planning;
  • credit building and repair;
  • debt management;
  • skill assessment and career development;
  • employment readiness;
  • many more other topics related to financial empowerment and planning.

While staying in any residential program at Heading Home, working to obtain self-sufficiency with financial, career, or education planning is an important component of the client’s individual development plan. Heading Home believes in providing this critical service in order to create a stabilized future for our clients and it is a step to end homelessness along with better life quality.

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