Housing Programs

For families and single adult individuals in need of housing and long-term case management, Heading Home’s permanent supportive housing programs provide permanent housing with case management and supportive services.

Transitional Housing

Heading Home’s Pathways to Permanent Housing (PPH) program is a two-year housing program helping families make a supported transition from shelter to financial and housing independence. PPH is an application-only program available to current Heading Home families at the recommendation of their case manager.

Offering 21 families in Heading Home programs the scaffolding and bolstering necessary to overcome financial burdens and barriers to permanent housing, Heading Home’s PPH program is a two-year, incentive-based transitional housing program that helps families move out of homelessness and achieve educational, career, and financial milestones to disrupt generational cycles of homelessness and housing insecurity.

The core of the PPH program is to help families create individualized action plans with set milestone markers to promote progress toward financial and housing independence. While in the program, families contribute 30% of their income towards their rent and pay their own utility bills, building budgeting and financial planning goals while being supported by a dedicated case manager trained in evidence-based coaching strategies designed to disrupt cycles of generational poverty and housing insecurity and receive 1:1 economic mobility coaching and support, with incentivized milestone accomplishments, including savings match opportunities for every family.

Upon completion of the two-year program, graduating families are guaranteed a housing voucher or public housing apartment, having learned the necessary tools and skillsets to sustainably live in permanent housing independently.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Heading Home supports 200+ chronically homeless individuals in our permanent supportive housing programs; 98% of individual clients have at least one documented disability, and most struggle with co-occurring health conditions.

While individual clients are in our programs, regular meetings occur to monitor housing stability and goal achievement. Individuals in our permanent supportive housing solutions are welcome to stay indefinitely, ensuring that they are safe, stable, and with a roof over their heads.

Listen to Marie’s story and how Heading Home’s permanent supportive housing programs have helped her find peace.

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