For Individuals

Heading Home is 250 units strong in ending homelessness for individuals in Greater Boston. Most of our individual clients have at least one disability and are housed primarily in permanent, supportive housing.

After being referred to Heading Home, individuals meet with our Intake Coordinator for a screening to confirm homeless status, disabilities, and other barriers contributing to their homelessness. Our goal through the intake is to gather the necessary paperwork to move the individual into a Heading Home program as quickly as possible.

As part of case management, we triage outside supports to provide multifaceted assistance beyond the scope of our own services.

While individual clients are in our programs, regular meetings occur to monitor housing stability and goal achievement. Individuals in our permanent, supportive housing solutions are welcome to stay indefinitely, ensuring that they are safe, stable, and with a roof over their heads.

Listen to Marie’s story and how Heading Home’s Individual Services program helped her find peace.

Are you an individual looking for housing?