Partner Spotlight: Circle of Hope

Partner Spotlight: Circle of Hope

Circle of Hope first partnered with Casa Nueva Vida in 2009 and has continued to provide families who were formerly in Casa Nueva Vida programs and are now in Heading Home’s Camino a Casa division with clothing, toiletries, infant essentials, and other necessities for nearly 15 years. COH volunteers make regular monthly deliveries to Camino a Casa as well as additional “emergency” deliveries to meet specific urgent needs. At the height of the pandemic, Circle of Hope provided additional hand soap, sanitizer, and face masks to families, helping reduce the spread of illness. Throughout the pandemic, Circle of Hope has never missed a delivery, continuing to meet the needs of families in our shelters. In 2022, Circle of Hope provided nearly 11,000 essentials for health and dignity to Camino a Casa families.

“Circle of Hope’s commitment to supporting homeless families over the years has helped ease the stress and struggles that families encounter when they lose their home and seek shelter assistance, often with little belongings or money. First-time mothers with limited resources are so grateful to receive brand-new baby bags full with new baby clothes, blankets and essential items to welcome baby into the world. COH always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients; they’ve donated many different kinds of items, including coats, towels, bed linens, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, women’s and children’s clothing, sweaters, new hats/gloves/scarves, and winter boots. Now that Camino a Casa is a part of Heading Home, we look forward to continuing this wonderful and irreplaceable partnership. I am so grateful. Thank you, Circle of Hope, for your abundant generosity.” – Zaida, Family Case Manager for Heading Home’s Camino a Casa division

As we work to end homelessness in the Greater Boston area, it is vital to have the support and partnership of incredible organizations like Circle of Hope. We are excited to continue to work alongside Circle of Hope to help make housing independence a reality for the 1,600+ adults and children in our programs. Thank you, Circle of Hope!


About Circle of Hope:

Circle of Hope is a nonprofit organization based in Needham, Massachusetts. The mission of Circle of Hope (COH) is to provide infants, children, and adults experiencing homelessness in Boston and Metro West with clothing and necessities in order to protect and enhance overall health and personal dignity. Last year, Circle of Hope gave clothing, hygiene essentials, and PPE to 24,900 people experiencing homelessness.