Partner Spotlight: Boston Bullpen Project

Partner Spotlight: Boston Bullpen Project

Established in 2017, Boston BullPen Project assists families and individuals in the Boston area with urgent needs. As a partner organization, Heading Home has received assistance from Boston BullPen Project since their founding. Their generous support has closed gaps for our clients as they navigate challenges obtaining furniture, clothing, moving support and paying utilities, rent, and transportation. Boston BullPen Project has partnered with 70 organizations in Boston and has dedicated themselves to “paying it forward.”

To honor this incredible organization, we wanted to spotlight a few client stories that exemplify Boston BullPen Project’s impact in our community.

Andrew G.* has been in a Cambridge-based Heading Home permanent supportive housing program for seven years. He is a motivated individual who has been sober for over a decade. Unable to work due to health complications, Andrew didn’t have the financial means or resources available when he was given 30 days’ notice to move out of his apartment for reasons outside of his control. Boston Bullpen generously covered his exorbitant moving costs, which relieved Andrew financial stress. Today, Andrew is in his new permanent supportive housing apartment with Heading Home and is able to focus on the things that are important to him: aging healthily and reconnecting with his family.

Michael M.* has been a client of Heading Home since 2021. When Michael had to move from Everett to Norwood, he was concerned because he doesn’t have an income and is unable to acquire moving services on his own. Boston Bullpen covered the cost of Michael’s move which was a huge relief.

Kim D.* is another client of Heading Home who has been housed with the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance for 9 years. When her previous building had mold issues, MHSA contacted Heading Home to transition her to our Permanent Supportive Housing program. Kim could not afford the move because she is unable to work anymore due to health complications and lives on a fixed income. Boston Bullpen’s supportive role in Kim’s move was instrumental in getting her to a safer environment. Now, Kim is able to focus on improving her well-being in her new home in Norwood.

With the support of incredible partner organizations like Boston BullPen Project, we are able to successfully assist the 1,600+ adults and children in our programs in their journeys to housing independence. We are excited to continue to work alongside Boston BullPen Project to continue our mission of ending homelessness in Greater Boston. Thank you, Boston BullPen Project!


*Name has been changed to protect the identity of our clients.