RockHill Management

“We talk a lot about the need to be “trauma-informed” in our work with clients, and making a change to gift cards is a small but concrete example of putting that thinking into practice. Choice and autonomy are two major components of being a trauma-informed provider. Giving parents a gift card tells them that we want them to make decisions for their families, and gives them options – something that is in short supply when you’re navigating homelessness. It’s not just a gift of things, it’s a gift of being able to choose for yourself. That has value beyond the card itself. “
– Mary Shannon Thomas, Director of Clinical Services

Double your impact! Rockhill will match the first $2,500 in donations to Heading Home! Donate by 12/9 to contribute directly to parents and adults this holiday season, affording them the opportunity to shop, wrap, and give to their friends and family. After 12/9, your donation will support our mission-critical work to end homelessness in Greater Boston.