Heading Home & EmPath

Heading Home & EmPath

Boston, July 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) in conjunction with the Nordblom Family Foundation selected five social service organizations to receive grants that will enable them to implement a second round of pilot testing for the Intergenerational Mobility Project (Intergen).

The family foundation will grant $92,000 to each of the following five nonprofit organizations: The Opportunity Alliance (Portland, Maine), Heading Home (Boston, Mass.), Coalition on Temporary Shelter (Detroit, Mich.), The Family Partnership (Minneapolis, Minn.), and Community Services Consortium (Ore.).

Economic Mobility Pathways created the Intergen Project in 2014 to help whole families exit poverty. After a few years of testing the model internally, EMPath partnered with organizations in Seattle, Wash. and Jackson, Miss. to conduct the first round of external pilots.

Lee Nordblom, managing trustee of the foundation said, “The outcomes of EMPath’s adult programs paired with the promise of the first pilot made funding these grants an easy decision. We look forward to the improvement, and ultimately the expansion, of this coaching method.”

Over the next 20 months, each of the organizations will recruit at least 40 families, use a specialized set of all-ages coaching tools with those families, collect outcomes data, and report it for further development of the model. The grants provided by the foundation will allow the organizations to cover the costs of implementation like training and staffing.

“We know that what happens at home affects life outside the home. If parents aren’t thriving, their kids aren’t either, and vice versa. We put extra focus on the family members’ interactions with each other, not just the task at hand. We always meet with the whole family in one room where they can ask questions and have conversations about the future,” said Stephanie Brueck-Cassoli, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at EMPath.

The organizations invited to apply for this funding are members of EMPath’s global learning network, called the Economic Mobility Exchange™.


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