Fenn School Up & Out

Thank you to everyone in the Fenn School community for your support!


For many years, the Fenn School community has volunteered with Heading Home by hosting an “Up & Out,” a special volunteer day where we help a family move out of Heading Home shelters and into their own permanent apartment.

The volunteers hand-select furnishings, decorations, and household goods for the family’s new space and do all the hard work to make it feel like home. Together, we build furniture, hang curtains, decorate the walls, stock the refrigerator, and everything in between. At the end of the volunteer day, the family arrives at their new home and meets the volunteers who helped make the move-in special. It is a powerful, emotional, and moving experience that Fenn School volunteers return to participate in year after year and help end homelessness in Greater Boston one family at a time.

Please join us in transforming an empty apartment into a beautiful, move-in-ready home by donating below. This year’s goal is to raise $6,000 to help a family head home.