On-Site/In-Person Volunteer Activities

Prepare and Deliver Meals to Heading Home Congregate Locations

Cook and deliver meals to men, women, and children in Heading Home’s congregate programs, alleviating financial or physical burdens for clients. The number of clients at each location varies, but on average, there are 7 families (15-20 people) at our congregate locations. We can help you plan by providing details, such as the location, House Manager contact information, and the number of people.

Shelter Beautification: Indoor and/or Outdoor Group Opportunities

Bring the comforts of home to our congregate locations by deep cleaning common spaces and shopping for household items, such as kitchenware, cleaning supplies, toiletries, toys, etc.*

Beautify and bring life to outdoor spaces by landscaping, planting flowers, building a vegetable garden, and decorating for the holidays at our congregate locations.

*This indoor opportunity requires all volunteers to wear face masks and is subject to change based on city/state COVID-19 guidelines.

Premier Volunteer Experience: Heading Home’s Up & Out Program

Heading Home’s premier volunteer experience, the Up & Out program, pairs volunteers with Heading Home clients, helping facilitate their move out of shelter. Volunteers work together to outfit an apartment – from purchasing furniture, household goods, food, and essentials, to building and decorating bedrooms – to alleviate the financial burden for Heading Home clients. We are delighted to offer this full-day, direct service opportunity to 24 volunteer teams annually, ideally suited for families, school, or corporate groups looking to meaningfully make a difference in the lives of clients.


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