Lorello Up & Out

Our Lorello Up & Out Move is Heading Home’s signature volunteer event offered throughout the year. And while COVID lingers in our communities, clients are still moving out of shelter into permanent housing; a process that was once monumental, but now has become daunting for a few reasons. Resources like in-kind donation facilities, furniture banks and thrift shops are closed, and moving companies furloughed. Families and friends aren’t permitted to gather. A number of clients are out of work, lost relied-upon income, and homeschooling.

As we shift into the ‘new normal,’ we structured a similar model to our traditional Up & Out that allows for social distancing. Volunteers still have the opportunity to furnish and outfit a client’s new home, alleviating the financial burden for clients moving into a new space. Heading Home staff will facilitate the move-in using the furniture and supplies collected by volunteers to ensure all health and safety requirements.

To learn more about how this process has been re-imagined to include virtual pathways, email cbaldwin@headinghomeinc.org.