She4She 2022: Our Power is in Our Stories.

She4She 2022: Our Power is in Our Stories.

“What good is a story if you keep it to yourself? Our power is in all of our stories. We are who we are today because of what we’ve gone through, because of the journeys that we’ve walked.” – Gamu Madzima.


On Thursday, January 27, 2022, Heading Home hosted our 4th annual She4She event – presented virtually to 320+ women and allies across the country. The energy and safe space we held for our speakers to share their stories were palpable, moving, and inspiring. The message of She4She remains clear as we reflect on the past four years: we are stronger together.

This year, we witnessed a brave-space conversation between our moderator for the evening, Candy O’Terry, and two inspirational, powerful leading women in Boston – Sheena Collier and KeyAnna Schmiedl. Attendees had the honor and privilege of listening to Sheena and KeyAnna reflect on life-forming experiences, moments of resilience and courage, and what makes them stronger.

Gamu Madzima, a Program Manager at Heading Home, courageously shared pieces of her story and how Heading Home has shaped her past, present, and future. One of Gamu’s superpowers is her ability to create a safe, shared space for clients to dream and plan ways out of homelessness. She certainly did just that for Alfrida, a former Heading Home client who left homelessness behind and has remained permanently, stably housed for 2+ years. Alfrida’s telling of her story (below) and her motivation to build a better life for her and her daughter, Pearl, inspired us all.

Over the past four years, 1,200+ people have participated in the magic that is She4She – to inspire, encourage, motivate, and bravely push us all to build connections, lift other women, and be stronger, bolder, braver together.

Client Story: Alfrida

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