Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

With the new board-approved, three-to-five-year strategic plan in place, Heading Home’s work will continue across the spectrum of family and individual housing stabilization and support services, growing strategically in permanent supportive housing and prevention.

We have a lot to be excited about as we bring new and innovative ways to better address the homeless crisis here in our Boston-area communities.  To help frame the picture, I wanted to share a few statistics with you.

  • Last year in our family programs 670 children were served with the average being 8.
  • 91% of our families are led by a single mom.
  • The fastest growing segment of the homeless population in Boston are single moms with 1-2 kids.

We must do better and Heading Home is here to help move the needle and lead the way strategically and enthusiastically addressing the needs of this population. We will not be sitting idly, we will disrupt.

You will see a lot from us in the coming months about permanent housing solutions, why families are staying with us for extended periods of time and the multiple complex barrier standing between them and permanent housing.