New Traditions and the Meaning of Home: Robert’s Story

New Traditions and the Meaning of Home: Robert’s Story

Being blessed to have the opportunity to raise my daughter has to be the greatest gift ever given to me. The birth of all of my children are special moments in my life, but the tears, pain, love, struggle, and joy that I have experienced over the past two years and 9 months have made me the man that I am growing prouder each day to look at in the mirror.

I am a spiritual man and thank God for giving me an opportunity each day to make it better than yesterday. But for the past few years, He has shown me many angels in human form. Being a single father is not easy. Raising my daughter is the fun part, but being acknowledged in the community is the struggle. I want to believe it is not that people don’t appreciate a man doing what he is supposed to, but the idea is still frowned upon (in my experience, so far). I am filled with gratitude to all the people who have helped me throughout the past few years. Without the support I have received I would not have been able to make the accomplishments that I have today.

Aniyah is a wonderful, smart, healthy, and sassy 2-year-old. She is my joy and real day inspiration. It has been our struggles that made me realize what I want to do with the rest of my life. Working in the Human Services field will enable me to not only talk about making a difference in our community but actually do something about it. My desire to be in the field is not just about a paycheck or job security but the ability to help guide, advise and influence individuals and families that are experiencing the same struggles I am going through or have been through.

Heading Home has provided Aniyah and me with not only shelter but opportunity. The ability for us to grow within our community and mature as a family with confidence. The resources that Heading Home offers have helped me find opportunities I did not think were available to me. It does take determination and commitment to see the results but that is everything in life. You cannot wait for things to happen, success is there as long as you go and get it. At Aniyah’s stage of maturity having her own room and identifying her space is important. In addition, I do believe a young lady should have a room outside of her male family—the opportunity for us to create our own traditions and habits. Dinner time, Bedtime, making your home yours with pictures, holiday decorations, and the joy of knowing you have a key to your door.

Being responsible for cleaning and maintaining an entire apartment is the next step in our growth as a family. I am fully confident in my ability to maintain a home for Aniyah and given the opportunity we would only continue to progress. My short-term goal is to continue my education, and be part of an organization in Boston that gives me the chance to work with people to identify their potential and the means of how to get there. Having my daughter smile every day and be happy to come home.