Heading Home Volunteers

Heading Home Volunteers

This is my seventh year working with Heading Home. My students in the community service club all agree that their favorite volunteer event is cooking meals for Duley House, one of Heading Home’s programs for individuals. Over these years, we’ve cooked meals on site, and we even made a video about our experience for the BB&N website in 2015. Duley House feels like family to me. It is always a treat to drop-off off meals and catch up with the staff and  residents. We’ve also created winter gift packs and/or activity kits for clients. My students love shopping for presents at Target, and I love the concrete giving. This year my own family created a Heading Home for the Holiday Basket, and my four year-old enjoyed choosing presents for someone her age. Each night after lighting the Hanukkah candles, my daughter added a present to our Heading Home basket. She knew that these presents were for “friends who didn’t have a lot of presents or warm clothes.”

This is the first year, I’ve coordinated large scale volunteer opportunities. In October, 80 seventh graders visited three heading home sites for our first ever BB&N Seventh grade day of service. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Heading Home team. They helped inspire and coordinate a meaningful day for students and teachers. Together we created snack packs, made meals, decorated for Halloween, and organized food and clothing donations. This past December 8th graders were jealous of our project, and they decided to visit sites too. We’re currently running a canned food drive for Heading Home, and we’re gearing up for Heading Home to come to BB&N in February. Seventh grade students and teachers are delighted to reconnect with Heading Home and learn more about combatting homelessness.

I am truly wowed by the incredible work that Heading Home does to combat homelessness, and I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer for such a wonderful organization.

Thank you!  


7/8 English Teacher

Middle School Service Learning Coordinator 

Buckingham Browne and Nichols School