Building Healing Relationships…Virtually

Building Healing Relationships…Virtually

Lisseth (top left), Janney (bottom) and their internship supervisor, Mayté Antelo-Ovando, Director of Clinical Services at Heading Home (top right) during their last supervision meeting.


This summer, Heading Home welcomed Janney and Lisseth, students from Colgate University participating in the Manzi Fellowship Program, an internship opportunity for those interested in non-profit work in the Boston area. While COVID-19 changed the nature of their internship, both Janney and Lisseth were able to join the Heading Home team for 10 weeks, connecting with staff and clients remotely (via Zoom or phone calls).

Janney and Lisseth worked with our Family and Individual programs – gathering and organizing client resources, translating necessary documents for housing applications and resources, and calling 160+ people to check on health and well-being.

Reflecting on their time with Heading Home, both Janney and Lisseth noted the remarkable way case managers and staff build meaningful connections with clients – “they are valued as people first, and not seen simply as people who are homeless.”

The pandemic has disrupted routines, exacerbated existing mental health issues and threatened physical well-being; our clients are among the most vulnerable: elderly, immunocompromised, and minimum-wage workers. From the very early days of COVID-19, Heading Home has committed to scheduling more frequent check-ins with clients and focusing on creating healing, safe relationships because we know that this is a scary, uncertain time for everyone – especially our clients overcoming other traumatic experiences.

Thank you, Janney and Lisseth, for your contributions and excellent work with us this summer, we wish you the very best in your next academic year!