Nashoba Brooks School 7th Grade Up & Out - April 12, 2015

Total Funds Raised: $200.00          Number of Items Donated: 62
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Heading Home is looking forward to the Nashoba Brooks School Up & Out program on Saturday, April 12, 2015. Up & Out offers volunteer groups with the opportunity to make a huge impact on a homeless family’s life as they make the milestone move from shelter into permanent housing. Families moving into affordable, permanent housing through Up & Out have faced adversity, but leading up to and following the move they receive intensive support services to remain on track and housed.

The actual move includes cleaning, furnishing and personalizing the apartment to the family’s taste and transforming the apartment into a “home.” Furniture and housewares are either purchased new through funds raised, donated new or gently used. The half-day experience concludes with revealing the apartment to the family and presenting them the keys to their new home. Ways you can participate in the Up & Out move include:

  • Contribute new or gently used furniture and housewares
  • Donate to help purchase items that need to be new (e.g., beds, linens)
  • Volunteer the day of the move (e.g., assemble furniture, buy groceries)

No matter how you participate, you will be making a difference. Thank you for your support and involvement!

Client Background

Kiani and her teenage son “Junior” have been working with Heading Home for the past year. They became homeless when Kiani could not afford market rate rent in Boston despite having full-time income as a hair dresser – – unfortunately, the gap between income and housing costs continues to widen for local families. Without local family support or help with budgeting, Kiani and Junior fell into homelessness.

Immediately following her referral to Heading Home, Kiani and William were placed into one of our family shelters in Boston. She worked closely with her case manager to establish an Individual Service Plan and related goals around job retention, financial literacy and saving. This process involved weekly meetings over the past year to monitor the progress of goal achievement and follow-through on referrals for outside services. Kiani continues to be employed at her same hair salon. She cannot wait to be living in her own home with Junior and looks forward to meeting more of her long-term goals.


130 Delhi Street, Boston, MA, United States

Apartment Location: 130 Delhi Street, Suite B, Boston, MA (Mattapan)

This is a garden level apartment.

Please consider contributing to the Nashoba Brooks School 7th Grade Up & Out move!

Funds raised will be used to pay for items that must be new (e.g., beds, linens), the truck rental and other household items. The average cost to move a family is $4,000-$5,000 if all items are purchased new. However, this amount may be decreased significantly, both through cash and in-kind donations.

Thank you!

  • Hint: You can Ctrl+click to select multiple items.
    If there is an item not on list that you would like to donate, please contact Heading Home or person spearheading your Up & Out move.

Helpful Information

  • Average cost to move a family is $4,000-$5,000 if all items are purchased new; cost can be offset by donations of gently used items.
  • Most of the items below can be collected prior to knowing the family moving. At the "meet & greet," the family’s preferences will be learned to help personalize the home.
  • Typically Up & Outs take place in 1-2 bedroom apartments; number of bedrooms varies depending on size of family, but plan on at least one child.
  • Electronic devices (e.g., televisions, computers) are welcomed, but not required.
  • Any items you do not use at your move can be donated to Heading Home for another family.
  • On the day of the move, don’t forget a general tool box (hammer, level, tape measure), picture hangers and sparkling cider and paper cups (for the toast as we welcome the family into its new home!).

Master Inventory List

Room Item Status Donor Name
Living RoomArm chairFulfilledSheila Flory
Living RoomCouchFulfilledDianne Brown
Living RoomCoffee tableFulfilledSheila Flory
Living Room2 End tablesFulfilledDianne Brown
Living Room2 LampsFulfilledDianne Brown
Living RoomWall decorFulfilledDianne Brown
Living RoomLampUnfulfilled
BathroomHand towelsFulfilledSarah Faucett
BathroomBath towelsFulfilledSarah Faucett
BathroomBath matFulfilledSarah Faucett
BathroomToilet brushFulfilledMichelle & Sophia Lando
BathroomShower curtainFulfilledSarah Faucett
BathroomShower linerFulfilledSarah Faucett
BathroomToiletriesFulfilledMichelle & Sophia Lando
BathroomWaste basketFulfilledMichelle & Sophia Lando
Bedroom 1Twin bedUnfulfilled
Bedroom 1Twin mattress padFulfilledVirginia Barrow
Bedroom 1Twin sized beddingFulfilledVirginia Barrow
Bedroom 11 end tableFulfilledGwen Leonard
Bedroom 1DresserUnfulfilled
Bedroom 11 LampFulfilledElizabeth Gondek
Bedroom 1Wall decorationsFulfilledVirginia Barrow
Bedroom 1HangersFulfilledLiza Carey
Bedroom 1PillowFulfilledLiza Carey
Bedroom 2Twin bedUnfulfilled
Bedroom 2Twin mattress padFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 2Twin sized beddingFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 21 End tableFulfilledJennifer Corbett
Bedroom 2DresserUnfulfilled
Bedroom 21 lampFulfilledTerry Yanulavich
Bedroom 2Wall decorationsUnfulfilled
Bedroom 2HangersFulfilledLiza Carey
Bedroom 2PillowsFulfilledLiza Carey
Bedroom 3Full bedFulfilledDianne Brown
Bedroom 3Full mattress padFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 3Full sized beddingFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 3End tableUnfulfilled
Bedroom 3DresserUnfulfilled
Bedroom 31 LampFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 3Wall decorationsFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 3HangersFulfilledLiza Carey
Bedroom 3MirrorFulfilledLissa Winstanley
Bedroom 3PillowsFulfilledLiza Carey
Dining RoomSmall dining room tableFulfilledDianne Brown
Dining Room4 chairsFulfilledDianne Brown
Dining RoomPlacematsFulfilledGwen Leonard
Dining RoomNapkinsFulfilledGwen Leonard
Kitchen8-piece dinnerware setFulfilledGwen Leonard
Kitchen8-piece glass set.FulfilledAmy Capofreddi
Kitchen8-piece silverware setFulfilledSarah Faucett
KitchenFull set of pots & pansFulfilledSarah Faucett
KitchenMetal spatulasFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenCooking timerFulfilledGwen Leonard
KitchenCan openerFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenRubber spatulasFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenWooden spoonsFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenMixing bowl setFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenCarving knivesFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenPot holder setFulfilledAmy Capofreddi
KitchenDish towelsFulfilledKate Galusza
KitchenPaper towel holderFulfilledAmy Capofreddi
KitchenBroomFulfilledAmy Capofreddi
KitchenToasterFulfilledElizabeth Gondek
KitchenMicrowaveFulfilledMichelle & Sophia Lando
KitchenDustpanFulfilledGwen Leonard
KitchenMopFulfilledDianne Brown
KitchenIronFulfilledTerry Yanulavich
KitchenIroning board with padFulfilledTerry Yanulavich
KitchenWall decorationsFulfilledMichelle & Sophia Lando
KitchenWaste basketFulfilledAmy Capofreddi

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Heading Home staff is here to facilitate every phase of this move. At any point, please feel free to contact our staff with questions or concerns:

Leora Kimmel Greene, Development and Events Officer