Cambridge Trust Up & Out - October 7, 2016

         Number of Items Donated: 53
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Heading Home is looking forward to Cambridge Trust’s Up & Out on Friday, October 7, 2016. Up & Out offers volunteer groups with the opportunity to make a huge impact on a homeless family’s life as they make the milestone move from shelter into permanent housing. Families moving into affordable, permanent housing through Up & Out have faced adversity, but leading up to and following the move they receive intensive support services to remain on track and housed.

The actual move includes cleaning, furnishing and personalizing the apartment to the family’s taste and transforming the apartment into a “home.” The half-day experience concludes with revealing the apartment to the family and presenting them the keys to their new home. Ways you can participate in the Up & Out move include:

  • Contribute new or gently used housewares
  • Volunteer the day of the move (e.g., assemble furniture, buy groceries)

No matter how you participate, you will be making a difference. Thank you for your support and involvement!

Client Background

The majority of the families Heading Home serves are headed by young, single mothers with at least one small child. Heading Home helps these families access publicly-funded subsidies of varying degrees to assist with rent as they get back on track. To ensure the viability of subsidy candidates, and landlords, the public entities providing the subsidies must coordinate many moving parts: security deposits, move dates and inspections. These steps can be lengthy and are out of Heading Home’s control. As a result, in most cases we receive details on the family you are moving about a week prior to your move date. However, you can still plan many details of your move ahead of time. For example, most of the inventory for the apartment can be collected beforehand without knowing the family. We appreciate your patience and understanding given the complexity of this process.

Once we confirm your family, we will alert your group leader(s), and we will post details within this “Client Background” tab for your entire volunteer group to access.

Once we confirm your family, we will alert your group leader(s), and we will post the address of where the Up & Out move will be taking place within this “Location” tab for your entire volunteer group to access. Typically Up & Out moves take place in Dorchester, although some families move elsewhere in Greater Boston, including Medford, Malden and Chelsea.

  • Hint: You can Ctrl+click to select multiple items.
    If there is an item not on list that you would like to donate, please contact Heading Home or person spearheading your Up & Out move.

Helpful Information

  • Average cost to move a family is $4,000-$5,000 if all items are purchased new; cost can be offset by donations of gently used items.
  • Most of the items below can be collected prior to knowing the family moving. At the "meet & greet," the family’s preferences will be learned to help personalize the home.
  • Typically Up & Outs take place in 1-2 bedroom apartments; number of bedrooms varies depending on size of family, but plan on at least one child.
  • Electronic devices (e.g., televisions, computers) are welcomed, but not required.
  • Any items you do not use at your move can be donated to Heading Home for another family.
  • On the day of the move, don’t forget a general tool box (hammer, level, tape measure), picture hangers and sparkling cider and paper cups (for the toast as we welcome the family into its new home!).

Master Inventory List

Room Item Status Donor Name
Living Room2 End tablesUnfulfilled
Living Room2 LampsFulfilledJohn Haley
Living RoomWall decorFulfilledMarlene Bourne
Living RoomLampFulfilledshellie dean-arnold
BathroomHand towelsFulfilledMarty Fenton
BathroomBath towelsFulfilledMarty Fenton
BathroomBath matFulfilledMarty Fenton
BathroomToilet brushFulfilledMarty Fenton
BathroomShower curtainFulfilledMarty Fenton
BathroomShower linerFulfilledMarty Fenton
BathroomToiletriesFulfilledSusan Chiappisi
BathroomWaste basketUnfulfilled
Bedroom 1Twin mattress padFulfilledLindsey Bickford
Bedroom 11 end tableUnfulfilled
Bedroom 11 LampFulfilledStacy Sheehan
Bedroom 1Wall decorFulfilledPing Wong
Bedroom 1HangersFulfilledKarina Pinella
Bedroom 1PillowFulfilledStephen Sall
Bedroom 21 end tableUnfulfilled
Bedroom 21 lampFulfilledJohn Haley
Bedroom 2Wall decorationsUnfulfilled
Bedroom 2HangersFulfilledKarina Pinella
Bedroom 2PillowsFulfilledStephen Sall
Bedroom 3Full mattress padFulfilledLindsey Bickford
Bedroom 3End tableUnfulfilled
Bedroom 31 LampFulfilledJohn Haley
Bedroom 3Wall decorationsUnfulfilled
Bedroom 3HangersFulfilledKarina Pinella
Bedroom 3MirrorFulfilledLei Zhao
Bedroom 3PillowsFulfilledStephen Sall
Dining RoomPlacematsFulfilledEzio Piazzarolo
Dining RoomNapkinsFulfilledStacy Sheehan
Kitchen8-piece dinnerware setFulfilledElaine Virzi
Kitchen8-piece glass set.FulfilledElaine Virzi
Kitchen8-piece silverware setFulfilledElaine Virzi
KitchenFull set of pots & pansFulfilledSolutions Management
KitchenMetal spatulasFulfilledPatti Levine
KitchenCooking timerFulfilledPatti Levine
KitchenCan openerFulfilledMarya Wall
KitchenRubber spatulasFulfilledChristina Perry Durkee
KitchenWooden spoonsFulfilledChristina Perry Durkee
KitchenMixing bowl setFulfilledChristina Perry Durkee
KitchenCarving knivesFulfilledjustin drolsbaugh
KitchenPot holder setFulfilledMary Greene
KitchenDish towelsFulfilledMargaret Howard
KitchenPaper towel holderFulfilledEzio Piazzarolo
KitchenBroomFulfilledMarya Wall
KitchenToasterFulfilledMarya Wall
KitchenMicrowaveFulfilledRob Siegrist
KitchenDustpanFulfilledMarya Wall
KitchenMopFulfilledMarya Wall
KitchenIronFulfilledLaura Ganat
KitchenIroning board with padFulfilledMichelle Moore
KitchenWall decorationsFulfilledStacy Sheehan
KitchenWaste basketFulfilledDavid Tait
OtherCleaning suppliesFulfilledSusan Chiappisi
OtherTool kitFulfilledBrian Kelley
OtherToilet PpaperFulfilledping wong
OtherWall hanging materials (hooks, etc.)Unfulfilled
OtherVacuumFulfilledAndrea Cope
OtherElectric DrillFulfilledDavid Tait

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Heading Home staff is here to facilitate every phase of this move. At any point, please feel free to contact our staff with questions or concerns:

Leora Kimmel Greene, Development and Events Officer