Heading Home Featured on WGBH

photo_12_7dfe98.1Heading Home’s Executive Director Tom Lorello was a guest on WGBH’s Greater Boston with Emily Rooney

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State Seeks To Move Homeless From Hotel Rooms To Group Homes

By Rupa Shenoy

Michelle Espada has gained 70 pounds since she moved to the Bedford Plaza Hotel.

“Eating microwaveable food. I can’t walk much anymore,” she said. “It makes me cry sometimes, because it feels like you’re drowning, all the time.”

The mother of two young boys, Espada couldn’t afford rent. She’s been on waiting lists for affordable housing for four years.

“Nothing’s changed,” she said. “I’m still pending.”

Sixteen months ago Espada’s family became homeless, and she applied to the state for help. But Massachusetts has no room left for homeless families. The state’s 2,000 shelters filled up during the recession as parents who lost their jobs, got foreclosed on, got sick, or just couldn’t earn enough became homeless along with their children. So, like roughly 2,000 other families, Espada is living in a hotel paid for by the state. Read Full Article →