Tom Lorello, Executive DirectorTom Lorello, LICSW, MSW

Executive Director

Tom began his work with the homeless as a mental health clinician in the 1980s and later advanced to leadership roles within agencies focused on helping homeless and low-income individuals and families. As a widely regarded expert in the field, Tom speaks both locally and nationally on innovative approaches to ending homelessness. He joined Heading Home in 2004, and under his leadership the agency successfully shifted its focus from providing emergency services to developing permanent, supportive housing.

Other accomplishments:

  • Quadrupled the size of the organization both in operational budget and staff
  • Created more than 350 units of housing
  • Established the Pathways to Permanent Housing (PaSS) program – a highly supported pathway out of homelessness and public dependency operating on the principle of co-investment
  • Received the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance’s “Cornerstone Award,” 2013

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Laura Booth

Director of Family Services 

With more than two decades of work dedicated to advocacy for low-income people in Greater Boston, Laura Booth brings expertise in public policy, program design and public housing to her position at Heading Home. In community-based organizations and coalitions and in government, Laura’s focus has been set on creating and supporting opportunities for people to enjoy the basic securities that in turn allow them to actively participate in all aspects of civic life. As Director of Family Services, Laura is responsible for implementing, evaluating and supporting Heading Home family programs.
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Ivette Rodriguez

Director of Finance and Administration

Ivette Rodriguez joined Heading Home in 2004. Prior to joining Heading Home, she served as manager of financial systems at the YMCA of Greater Boston. She brings more than 10 years of experience to the position. Ivette oversees Heading Home’s financial and administrative operations, including all accounting and finance functions, human resources and facilities. She plays a vital role in our financial planning and forecasting, and in particular Heading Home’s asset management, financing strategies and activities, as well as development and monitoring of our budget.
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Emily Smaldon

Development Director

As development director, Emily leads Heading Home’s efforts in annual giving, special events, major gifts, corporate partnerships and foundation grants. She brings to the position strong skills in fundraising, marketing and relationship management. Prior to joining Heading Home in 2010, Emily was part of the business development team for ADD Inc, a local architectural firm.
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Joe Hanley, President

Joe Hanley is an attorney and Partner with McDermott, Quilty & Miller, a leading Boston-based law firm. Joe has been an active member of Heading Home for more than five years, helping lead our real estate development efforts, and serving as 2012-2014 Board President.

Board Members
  • Sherry Davis, Treasurer
  • Donna Quirk, Clerk
  • Robert Boyle
  • Reesa Fischer
  • Mary Fowler
  • Elliot Gould
  • Andrew Hoar
  • Nicholas Iselin, Emeritus
  • Tito Jackson
  • Brian Kavoogian
  • Emmett Lyne
  • Andrew Maher
  • Anne Margulies, Emeritus
  • Marc Margulies
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Patrick McMahon
  • Daniel Omstead, Emeritus
  • Joshua Solomon
  • Nancy Solomon
  • Carolyn Spicer
  • David Weinberg
  • Jonathan Weintraub
  • Michele Whitham, Emeritus
  • Gilbert Winn

The Heading Home Outreach Council is a select group of young professionals whose mission is to further engage the community with our organization by way of volunteerism and education around the issues of homelessness.

  • Amy Garanin, Co-Chair
  • Alison Powers, Co-Chair
  • Ashley Brooks
  • Michael Collentro
  • Joshua Damaso
  • Kathleen Dugan
  • Kristin Flynn
  • Danielle Figueira
  • Matthew Gaines
  • Matthew Giffune
  • Garrett Hatton
  • Vadim Karamov
  • Tucker Kelton
  • Andrew Klopfer
  • Penelope Lambropoulos
  • Sarah Lessard
  • Patrick Mulvihill
  • Michael Murphy
  • Sean Robinson
  • Joseph Simon
  • Eric Speed
  • Cate Suter
  • Matthew Walker
  • Sarah Weatherbee Walker
  • Samantha Webb
  • Jonathan Weintraub
  • Matthew Wells
  • Chris Zarek